Here’s an example of me trying to live by Jay Abrahams teaching…

This is a true story of something that happened recently. A customer ordered from Australia in November when I was running a Black Friday sale. Seven weeks later he still had not received the order.

The items were sent via Fedex and the tracking number was showing it was undelivered. The guy contacts me asking where the items are. I send him a prompt refund and contact my supplier who refunds me for the items. I lost that sale.

The customer contacts me, thanking me for the prompt refund and says he wants to order again, can he get the same Black Friday discount he got on his original order. This is something I could not deliver on as at the time of his order I cut my prices by 40% because my supplier cut his prices by 50% which allowed me to run my offer.

I couldn’t fulfil this request because I would be losing money instead of gaining money. Now you might say I lost a customer but I offered him a 20% discount instead and he replied saying he’ll order in a couple of days.

I could have left it there but then I thought about the strategy of preeminence. I am supposed to be looking after my customers and do whatever it takes to help them.

So I emailed the customer back and said instead of him having to pay high shipping fees from USA to Aus and having to wait weeks for your items to arrive again via Fedex, how about I send you the .png design files for the shirts and you can find a local printer. Now he can get them printed for next to nothing and have them within days instead of weeks.

Let me be clear, I made no money on this order and I have just given a customer two design images that have made me thousands of dollars in t-shirt sales.

I made him promise to only get them printed once as these are images I own and are property of my business.

Of course he loved the idea and said he would only use the files once.

These were meant to be a Christmas present for his wife who as it turns out has ordered several shirts from me previously and a couple of mugs. I didn’t know this but now I am glad I helped him out even more because I know this is a story he will tell his wife and his wife will tell the story to all her friends.

How many companies do you know that would do this? You might think I’m stupid for doing this. Maybe I am but I feel good doing it and my customer is ecstatic. So I think overall it was a good thing.

The funny thing is I don’t advertise my website in Australia. I don’t know how his wife found my website in the first place. I also don’t really care if he printed 10 shirts and sold them to her friends. Not that he would. I believe he will actually just print what he needs.

Even if he broke his promise it’s not the end of the world. It wouldn’t affect my business one bit. If anything I think it will actually help it in the long run. He has two designs and I have another ten designs his wife doesn’t own yet. When his wife wants another swimming shirt, guess where she’s going to shop… With me of course.

Anyway I thought this was a good story kind of relevant to strategy of preeminence mindset.

Watch the video and try practicing it in your business as well. There’s no harm in treating our customers well.

Dammit I keep calling them customers and not clients! Sorry Jay, one step at a time. I’ll get there eventually.