My view of London at Fabcon 2015, inside the Millbank Tower.

Recently people have been reaching out to me for advice on what T-Shirt course they should take. I always send them to the videos from Fabcon 2015. The content shared in these videos is all you need to get started not only because they are free to watch but also because the content is really good.

These videos contain the same content that the most expensive T-Shirt course is teaching. Training that I paid thousands of dollars to learn is inside these videos. Save your money because this is all you need to get started.

Back in February I attended Fabcon 2015 in London. It was an event put together by Fabrily and Teespring.

They managed to bring in guest speakers from all over the world who have been very successful with selling t-shirts online. Arjun Ohri was one of those speakers and his talk was really REALLY good. Not only was he a great public speaker but the content he shared was worth so much more than what everyone paid for the event.

I know because last year I spent a lot of money on a Teespring course and Arjun uses similar strategies which he shared that day at Fabcon.

Luckily for you Fabrily recorded all the speakers at the event and put the videos on their blog so that other sellers can benefit. The stuff Arjun shares in this video, particularly the part about surveying your audience, is really worth paying attention to.

Below is Arjun’s presentation from Fabcon 2015. Make sure you take notes!

IMPORTANT: You should also watch the rest of the videos from that day and you can put everything Arjun teaches into action. Follow his advice and you will sell t-shirts. All the videos from that day can be found here:

Watch the video and try to use what he teaches in your t-shirt selling strategy. The content in these videos is enough to get you on the right track.