Way back in January I made a goal to have my first shopify store up and running and admittedly it’s taken me a lot longer to get running than I wanted. A LOT LONGER. I was beginning to think I’d never do it.

Understand like most people do I suffer from procrastination, stress, fear of failure and other demons that live in our heads. On top of all that I wanted my website to be perfect!

I invested in courses to help me get my perfect website running.  They showed me the correct apps to have ready, email sequences to follow, how to set up funnels that take people by the hand and walk them to where I want the to be, how to write product description copy and what to put on your website that builds trust with visitors so they feel comfortable to purchase with you… There’s lot’s I’ve missed out and believe me all of this cannot be done within a week unless you have an efficient team behind you.

I decided to go at it alone for my first store. I want to know exactly how my business is running, inside and out.

I switched from Aweber to Activecampaign. It took a week or two to get my head around it but now it seems to be working. It’s an amazing tool, especially for people who want to use segmentation which is vital for my business.

In the background of all this action taking there were two voices fighting against and each voice had it’s own good pros and cons.

The first voice I listened to every day was FUCK IT. Just send traffic to it now and make sales.  This was the voice that told me, you need to start making some money from your store, you have to get paid for all this time you’ve been spending on this thing.

Second voice had the essence of Jay Abraham behind it. It advised me to be patient and take my time. You’ll make more money launching something that’s got a backend. If you launch it too soon money will be left on the table.

Time was dragging and I couldn’t take it anymore. I could feel myself beginning to hate it because I was getting impatient. Will it ever be ready?

Then one day I said FUCK IT. I wrote down the 15th of July as my launch date and if it wasn’t ready tough. My goal was to get at least one sale.

What happened? I launched a new shirt that I had been waiting for months to share with my niche. I spent $12 and within 24 hours I got three sales bringing in $133. Not bad!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 01.34.06

The next day I decided to pause my ad because Paypal was not setup. I was using stripe which meant peopel had to whip out their credit card to make a purchase. I wonder how many sales I lost?

To use Paypal I needed a number customers could use to contact me and the problem or excuse I was facing was I am in the UK and my customers are in the USA. How do I get a number setup? I worked it out and today it was sorted. My store now has a toll free number people can call and it forwards to my UK phone number.

Undoubtedly there will be some problems that will arise but I am just glad to get it sorted because now I can get back to getting Paypal up and running on my store.

Believe me when I say, just to get it up and running was a relief.