Back in the dark days of 2009 when I was struggling and I first found this thing called internet marketing, the first thing I learned was how to flip websites on flippa.com.

I didn’t exactly master my craft but I flipped websites none the less. My best result was creating an MMA website and selling it for $369. It only took a few hours to create. I was so happy. Apart from the listing fee and domain fee it was all profit.

Recently I have been looking at this site called Empire Flippers: http://empireflippers.com

A lot of websites sell on there and they sell for lot’s of dough. This is because only serious buyers and sellers are allowed access.  All websites are vetted thoroughly before they go up for sale which means buyers know they’re the real deal and therefore websites are sold for lot’s of money.

I really hope they let me join the club.

Basically if you have a website making $1000 or more profit a month they will sell it for roughy $20,000. They typically put websites up for sale at 20x it’s monthly profit earnings.

I’m getting a bit sick of the eCommerce game. I want to free up some time to really dig into getting better at copywriting, affiliate marketing and CPA. That’s where the big money is and it’s fun digging a knife into peoples pain emotions and wiggling it around.

Yea… you also help people solve their problems along the way too BUT Influencing cold traffic to take action and buy a product is fascinating to me.

So it’s a decision of mine that I want to sell one of my eCom sites, free up some time and get a big wad of cash that will fund my education and mentorship. I am giving myself three months to sell out.

Three months to make as many sales as possible…

Empire Flippers look at your past 12 months and your previous three months and estimate the value of your website. The goal I want to sell at is $50,000-$80.000 but I think realistically it could be around $15-000-$30,000. We’ll see what happens over the next few months.

I will come back and update this post as I progress along.