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Who am I? I am a Self Employed Internet/Affiliate Marketer and I sell products online to people using Facebook and Google ads.

Over the past couple of years Internet Marketing has allowed me to travel all over the world. I’ve been to Australia, China, Thailand, Spain, Italy, USA and on and on. I like to travel.


I have good months and bad months. Some months I can be making a decent profit and some months I can be making close to nothing. And when I make close to nothing for too many months in a row…

…I try not to panic and do my best to avoid riding public transport every morning working for someone else.

The end goal is not to panic at all.

Why keep a blog?

Basically this blog is a scream for attention because when it comes to talking to friends about what I do for a living, they zone out and go to their happy place.

I guess that’s why marketers love going to meet-ups and events. It’s nice to finally meet people with the same passion, fire and drive that gets you out of bed in the morning.

The point I am getting to is this, when I do rarely update my blog it’s because I want to get something out of my head but there’s no one I can directly share it with. So… I’ll post it on here.

I don’t plan to monetise this blog. That sounds like a funny thing to say/write because I am a marketer and I don’t want to sell you something.

With anything I write on here my intention is to empty out the thoughts in my head and help people like me. I really only ever talk about something that is working for me. Every now and then I might post about a case study that may or may not work.

I have paid thousands of dollars on online courses. I put them into action and I’ll come back here and document my progress. I share the best parts that have worked for me. So make sure you pay attention, take notes and put it into action for yourself.

I’m not looking to make money in the MMO (make money online) niche, that’s not for me. So again you won’t find me trying to sell stuff here. I’m just documenting my journey.

If you’re new in internet marketing and you’re going through shiny object syndrome, just do your due diligence and don’t be afraid to ask for your money back if the product is crap. If you can, always buy through Paypal.

There’s a lot of rubbish out there and it takes time to figure out who’s the real deal.

I’ve gone off track.

Anyway… For the best part of eight years doing this I have been broke. My stubbornness to not get a “real job” has slowed me down a lot.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 13.35.28

Crossing six figures was a massive milestone for me.

Things changed when I started selling t-shirts on Facebook. I got in at the beginning of the wave in 2014 and I made my first six figures in one year. I’m still doing eCommerce to this day.

I remember people laughed at first when I said I sold t-shirts. I think the image people have is Del Boy and Rodney standing in front of market stall struggling to flog everything. And what we tend to forget is that billions of people wear t-shirts every day and they’re always open to buying another one if you give them a good reason to.

My only regret is not selling my websites when they were at their peak. Man if I could go back and do it all over knowing what I know now!

Now I’m looking to move away from eCommerce. I want to start generating a new stream of income with CPA affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing interests me because all it really boils down to is getting really really good at copywriting. If you’re a really good copywriter you’ll always be able to make money, you can do it from anywhere around the world and you’ll never go hungry.

For anyone in internet marketing reading this, get good at copywriting!

To me being a good copywriter means I can pick any market I want to sell in, write an article, flick a switch on for traffic and start making sales within a few hours. (At least that’s how it plays out in my head when I fantasize about being a master copywriter).

I also love psychology.

People don’t realise how much psychology plays a part in selling stuff online. The sales pitch is all psychology, using words that convince someone to take out their wallet and buy your product. Being able to go into any niche and cook up a pre-sale page that makes me lots of money, what a skill to have! Seriously who wouldn’t want to have that skill?

I’m not an expert copywriter yet. I can barely crawl in terms of my copy skills but I try to put an hour into it every day. I’m getting better.

I think I’m about done with this about me page. I just wrote a load of nonsense but I feel like you got to know me a little better.

Thanks for listening to my elevator pitch for this blog, we had to go up and down a few times but we got here in there end.

Oh I forgot to add that I have not added a contact page on this blog yet and I don’t plan to. If you have questions or want to contact me, comment on a post here or find me on Facebook.

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    I was looking for information on this topic and I´m glad I found your post. 🙂

    Have you published your results since then .

    Thanks for sharing.


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