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Practice The Strategy Of Preeminence

Here’s an example of me trying to live by Jay Abrahams teaching…

This is a true story of something that happened recently. A customer ordered from Australia in November when I was running a Black Friday sale. Seven weeks later he still had not received the order.

The items were sent via Fedex and the tracking number was showing it was undelivered. The guy contacts me asking where the items are. I send him a prompt refund and contact my supplier who refunds me for the items. I lost that sale.

The customer contacts me, thanking me for the prompt refund and says he wants to order again, can he get the same Black Friday discount he got on his original order. This is something I could not deliver on as at the time of his order I cut my prices by 40% because my supplier cut his prices by 50% which allowed me to run my offer.

I couldn’t fulfil this request because I would be losing money instead of gaining money. Now you might say I lost a customer but I offered him a 20% discount instead and he replied saying he’ll order in a couple of days.

I could have left it there but then I thought about the strategy of preeminence. I am supposed to be looking after my customers and do whatever it takes to help them.

So I emailed the customer back and said instead of him having to pay high shipping fees from USA to Aus and having to wait weeks for your items to arrive again via Fedex, how about I send you the .png design files for the shirts and you can find a local printer. Now he can get them printed for next to nothing and have them within days instead of weeks.

Let me be clear, I made no money on this order and I have just given a customer two design images that have made me thousands of dollars in t-shirt sales.

I made him promise to only get them printed once as these are images I own and are property of my business.

Of course he loved the idea and said he would only use the files once.

These were meant to be a Christmas present for his wife who as it turns out has ordered several shirts from me previously and a couple of mugs. I didn’t know this but now I am glad I helped him out even more because I know this is a story he will tell his wife and his wife will tell the story to all her friends.

How many companies do you know that would do this? You might think I’m stupid for doing this. Maybe I am but I feel good doing it and my customer is ecstatic. So I think overall it was a good thing.

The funny thing is I don’t advertise my website in Australia. I don’t know how his wife found my website in the first place. I also don’t really care if he printed 10 shirts and sold them to her friends. Not that he would. I believe he will actually just print what he needs.

Even if he broke his promise it’s not the end of the world. It wouldn’t affect my business one bit. If anything I think it will actually help it in the long run. He has two designs and I have another ten designs his wife doesn’t own yet. When his wife wants another swimming shirt, guess where she’s going to shop… With me of course.

Anyway I thought this was a good story kind of relevant to strategy of preeminence mindset.

Watch the video and try practicing it in your business as well. There’s no harm in treating our customers well.

Dammit I keep calling them customers and not clients! Sorry Jay, one step at a time. I’ll get there eventually.

Re-Test Your “Failed” Designs

This post is for anyone selling shirts, necklaces or any physical products on Facebook.

Facebook is a strange beast. There are times where it’s almost too easy to sell, an item just converts and no one can wipe the grin off your face. Then there are times when for whatever reason Facebook just does not convert. Maybe they’re updating the algorithm or maybe it’s an unseasonal time in your niche. For whatever reason your amazing designs that were destined to make loads of money like your previous ones failed. They failed miserably.

Maybe you’re not that experienced with Facebook advertising. Well don’t worry because this post is for you too. Maybe you’re having a really hard time to crack your first real winner. I know not easy to find your first winner that get hundreds of sales but hang in there because when you do find an item that get hundreds of orders you’ve just hit the jackpot. I don’t just mean for that one campaign. You should have built an audience you can survey to get future ideas from AND you’ll have a seasoned pixel along with a Lookalike audience.

A seasoned pixel and a lookalike audience are some of your greatest assets you will because they will make it a lot more easier to sell shirts.

When you finally come across that elusive successful campaign Facebook will track all the conversions for that shirt and this will provide you with a lucrative seasoned pixel. Now with that data it should become easier to get sales. Facebook now has a good profile of who your buyers are and your ads will target people who share similarities with those buyers.

From that successful campaign you should also have gained a Lookalike Audience. The best way to create a Lookalike Audience that works for me is to create it based off of people who visited the URL in your ad. Make sure you build a custom audience of people who visit the product URL in your ad. For instance if Facebook pixeled 2,000 people that landed on your destination page, they are highly relevant. You can create a lookalike or LAA audience from those 2,000 people and gain an audience of 2,000,0000+ that consist of a similar profile to those who visited your product page.

You now own some data that can make you serious money. First off you can go broad in your targeting with your LAA and continue to get a nice flow of sales. Secondly you can go broad and just let your seasoned pixel find the buyers. You’ll get better results when you use them together.

What’s the point of my post?

This is a reminder. A reminded to re-try all your failed campaigns you had prior to your big winner.

Let’s say you tried to crack a niche over and over again. You created 100 designs and 5-10 of those were really promising but for whatever reason they flopped. You surveyed your audience and done all your research, it should have sold but it didn’t.

When you finally get that campaign that sells, you become the owner of the pixel that knows who your buyers are and you have a LAA that converts really well. It’s time to retry those “failed campaigns” because this time they will get shown to people who buy.

Why? Facebook HAS to show your ad to your proven to convert LAA audience if you tell it target your LAA in your ad.

I had a campaign that I tested four times previously and it failed each time. I knew people liked my design because of the results from a survey I did. Not only that, people were buying the shirt in my store frequently with no advertising. However nothing happened when I tried to sell it on Facebook so I left it and never tried to run it again.

Eventually I came across some very successful campaigns where I sold over 600 shirts in one month. I now had a seasoned conversion pixel and a LAA full of buyers. With my new powerful data I decided to start testing my failed campaigns. This time my results were completely different. For every $10 spent I am getting 6-7 conversions. Each conversion is $15 in profit.

The campaign failed four times previously but now with all this powerful data Facebook is sending my advert to buyers and they love this shirt.

I feel this is a very important post. How many failed designs do you have that you never intend to test again? If you have a seasoned pixel and a LAA then I suggest you try them again because you could be digging three feet from gold!

EDIT ———

I have come back into this post two weeks later (Today is March 2nd). I want to try and prove my point.

At the time of writing this post I had launched a previous unsuccessful shirt. It was kind of case study for this post that’s actually gone quite well.

I attempted to launch this shirt at the end of 2014 and I tried a couple more times in 2015 with no luck. I got some sales here and there but it ended up breaking even. I gave this design fair chance and after getting no results I forgot about it.

Throughout the end 2015 and the beginning of 2016 I generated a lot of sales on my pixel for this niche with other t-shirt designs. That’s when I decided to test this design again with my seasoned pixel that inspired this post. Take a look at my results.

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 15.39.41

I re-launched this shirt to my niche and in less than 14 days this shirt generated $5,000 in revenue and I am just getting started. I’m not ramping the ad-spend up like I used to. I have just kept my budget on a steady at $10 a day for four ad-sets. I have spent no more than $50 a day and will continue to do keep my spend low. I haven’t even moved into targeting the lookalike audience yet so I anticipate that this shirt will have another month worth of sales in it at least.

Now all my old shirts will be coming out of the woodwork. I have at least 15 “failed” campaigns like this one in this niche that I can’t wait to test again. Let’s say this campaign only makes $5k revenue and all my other “failed” 15 designs go on to make $5k revneue each… Then that would be $80,000 in revenue that I left laying on the table if I did not test my old designs. I think another test is well worth it.

So there you have it. Once you have a seasoned pixel make sure you go back through your old campaigns and give them another run because you could be digging three feet from gold!

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