That sounds like a negative title. It is in the sense of I’m not where I want to be right now and I did expect to be making more money. BUT  I am making money which is a good thing.

As usual life does get in the way, well not life but other business ideas or t-shirt campaign in other niches that have steered me away from focusing 100% on my store.

Let’s look at my progress over 6 weeks. I started sending traffic to my store on the 13th of July.Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 02.29.14

You can see from the stats I’ve been on and off. I haven’t been sending traffic to it every day or every week for that matter. The good news is I am making money from it. Not a lot but it’s a start considering I haven’t been running constant ads and this is just one niche. I am still running shirt campaigns for other niches that I can’t use on this store.

I signed up for Don Wilsons Dropship program. That’s right I believed in it and I’m a founding member. Couldn’t pass up on such an opportunity.

I haven’t made the most of it just yet. I am waiting to get the app into my store and I’ll be running. This is another reason why my sales have not been consistent. I was running a necklace campaign around the 30th of July. It was doing great but I stopped after I got into the program so I can continue selling them with the dropship program and a lower base cost. I should the app configured this week so I can continue with the campaign.

I changed fulfilment companies for my clothing!

I started off with “Theprintful” and what a joke they are. The customer service is great, no faults there but the prices! In what planet are they living on. Cheapest base cost item is $13 + Shipping = $18+. This means if I sell a shirt for $30 (including shipping) I make $12 before paypal, Shopify or Stripe take their fees!

I recently switched over to Teelaunch. So far so good. A couple of problems but that’s expected for a company providing a new app to Shopify users. Chris has handled any problems great so far so I’m happy.

With Teelaunch the base cost for men’s shirts is $8.50 + $4 Shipping, which is $12.50. Almost $6 cheaper than Theprinful’s cheapest item! So I make $18 per sale now, that’s a 30% increase!

My store can be doing a lot better. There’s things I can improve on like social proof and making my site more trusting to potential customers.

Today I setup my second store with the hope to 10x my sales. My initial store is focused one one niche but this store is going to serve any niche I decide to enter. I already have my niches that I sell in so this means once I get a few items I can get started right away. I can’t wait.

As soon as this dropship app is configured properly with both stores, I can start running more consistent campaigns and bring in money every day.

Google Adwords is something I will look at next. Just one term gets 50,000 searches every month and my store provides what they are looking for. Really need to test this because I am leaving soo much money on the table here.

I will update again after I have a consistent couple of weeks to reflect on and hopefully some sales from my new store as well. See ya soon.