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Closed Up Shop For 2014 – What’s Next?

I stopped selling T-Shirts mid December mainly because Teespring announced that after the 11th t-shirt orders would not reach customers before christmas day.

Most people ordering this time of the year will be ordering for Christmas presents and so it seems right not to sell to people who may think they will receive a t-shirt in time for the 25th. Especially with the high expectations people have from companies such as Amazon who provide next day delivery.

In the past week I still see people  saying “get it in time for christmas” inside their campaign description, which is a blatant lie. It’s deceitful and gives Teespring a bad name for the rest of us.

What’s Next?

Retargeting, Going back to scalable designs, CPA, Opening my own online stores and membership sites.

Let’s also not forget that goal to make $100,000 by the end of February in 2015!


I have come across a couple of courses in the past week that have been heavily pushed in my email box from different top marketers.  Two course were OK. Nothing eye opening however there are a couple of nuggets that I can take away.  However there was one course I purchased that is worth mentioning, it’s a retargeting course by Tanner Larsson.

It’s definitely one of the top three courses I have bought this year and this year I purchased Trey Lewellens Mastermind and Don Wilsons FB Ads Cracked so I think that’s saying something. You can find this course at I am not going to put an affiliate link in because I don’t want you to think I’m just saying this to make some money. I recommend it if you are already successfully selling products online. If not then get selling first and then have this next on your list. It’s a must!

Watching his course showed me how much money I left on the table this year because I did not follow through with retargeting for my most successful t-shirts.

Tanner not only showed how to do basic retargeting, he taught sequential retargeting among other things which is definitely something I will be doing in 2015. The webinar along with the course went on for over three hours and was brilliant.

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 14.20.44

Incase you didn’t know, Teespring already spends some money on retargeting our successful campaigns for us. From looking at the analytic data from one of my campaigns that only sold 100 t-shirts, I had 18 sales from Teespring retargeting. I made an extra $250 because of that. If I was doing it myself from the beginning of the campaign to the end, there would have been even more sales.

Retargeting is one of the biggest things on my to do list in 2015.

Going back to scalable campaigns

Looking back over my most successful month / campaigns, it all came from scalable designs. It didn’t sell well in every niche but think about this, you have a scalable design that only sells 50 t-shirts in one niche and then you scale that t-shirt across 20 campaigns. That’s 1000 sales or $15,000+ from 20 niches. Now imagine launching five t-shirts a day (150 tshirts a month) AND a couple of those campaigns may sell over 300+ tshirts.

Obviously that is very ambitious and not all will sell that well but from what I have seen, the people who have made $100,000 in one month has come from finding a good scalable design and running with it across as many niches as possible.

I think it’s the easiest way to work with Teespring. All you need is $20 to test each new niche design, if it sells then scale if not then move on. This is also a process that can be automated by outsourcing each step. Something I plan to do in 2015.

Where to find scalable designs? Use your own FB pages or search the web for t-shirt sites. Look at best selling t-shirts or look at sites that show it’s most shared content. Content that has lot’s of likes and shares could be a goldmine, especially if it’s a quote that can be adapted across many niches.

You also need a good designer, a good idea is nothing if the t-shirt looks ugly.


CPA is something I have tried and failed at previously. However previously I did not know how to use Facebook advertising. I think the biggest earners online come from this line of work. I am putting up a CPA campaign as we speak. CPA will be a big part of my income next year.

Online Stores

From selling t-shirts I have a list of niches I know like to buy online through Facebook. There’s a lot more to sell than t-shirts. You have bracelets, necklaces, earrings, phone covers etc. Using shopify, Facebook, throw in a little bit of knowledge from Ben Adkins, some retargeting and I can build big lists along with a brand.

Membership Sites

Part of the plan along with the online store is have a membership site upsell on the backend. Recurring income every month is a dream of mine. A month where if I don’t lift a finger I can still make $10,000. I remember getting excited about online marketing six years ago because of thinking like this. Just 1,000 members paying $10 a month is a six figure business.

List Building

Lastly list building is another thing I want to be doing properly in 2015. It hurts me to see that I am adding people to a list every day but I am not taking advantage of it. This year I want to find a good copywriter at a good price who can handle my emails.

Imagine having a niche where every time you send out an offer to the list you make $100 in sales. Now you have 10 niches, you send ten emails a day which is $1,000 and you do it every day for a month. Again something you can eventually have that runs on auto pilot with an email sequence.

That’s what I’m going to be concentrating on in 2015. I will also try and do a case study every month. If anything starts working other than t-shirts I want to share it with you. If you found this blog through t-shirts I have mentioned previously what courses to buy or the people to follow.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions.

How To Get Started Making Money With Facebook

This is my attempt at a crash course guide to making money with Facebook and selling physical products.

First you need create a brand your audience can relate to.

The first thing you want to do is pick a niche that buy products online. You can do this by searching other fan pages on Facebook or if it’s t-shirts you want to sell then have a look at other t-shirt sites online and look at what niches t-shirts are selling well in.

Here is an example, I just checked and if you scroll through the pages of best Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 01.34.05selling t-shirts you can get an idea of many niches where people will buy t-shirts. It’s also a good guess that they were purchased through Facebook.

The t-shirt I have found here is aimed at women who are in the army/military. It’s not my design. It shows over 1800 sold which tells us that the niche is probably a good one to go after.

You also need to make sure that the audience is big enough. It’s best to choose a niche where Facebook allows you to reach over one million people. It sounds like a lot but when you find out who your buyers are and narrow down your audience it becomes a lot smaller.

Now you have picked a niche you need to create a fan page on Facebook. Make sure that the name is something the people in the niche can relate to.

After the page is created you need to build an audience to the page using a like campaign. Test test test.

Test everything. Set a low budget of $5 a day per ad and create five ads. Only change the image for each ad, keep everything else the same. Let the ads run for three to four days. After you find a winning image (where the cost per like is the lowest) you can pause all the other ads. Next you need to clone the winning ad four times and test five different headlines. Again let them run and find the lowest cost per like. Duplicate the ad several times and let them run.

After a couple of weeks depending on your budget and cost per like you should have 5,000-10,000 fans on your page.

Do not just let them sit there! Create content, viral content using memes and videos. Try to use content that lets them stay on Facebook. Content that takes people away from Facebook get’s low reach because Facebook do not want people to leave their website!

Another tip is, as long as you pay for ads your reach will stay strong. As soon as you stop spending money your reach will drop.

The next step once you have an audience is to search for viral content in your niche and turn it into a t-shirt.

After you promote your product to your page, spend $20 on ads aimed at your page and let them run all day and overnight. If you wake up in profit it’s time to scale your ad campaign to the rest of your niche not just your tiny 10,000 audience.

Anyway after you have done it once it can be repeated again. Like I said, a scalable design is the best way to get started with selling t-shirts. Find a design that will sell and can be scaled into other niches.

An example of a scalable design is the t-shirt I shared earlier in this post. That phrase “some girls play house, real girls defend our country” was taken into lot’s of niches. There was fishing, driving and sport versions of the same phrase. “Some girls play house, real girls play football”. The point is that the phrase can be adapted into many niches. In the army niche alone it sold 1800+ in one campaign which is over $20,000 from one t-shirt. If that person was that successful in five other niches then that one phrase was worth $100,000.

Don’t waste time procrastinating. It’s easier to get started than you think!

That’s all I could get out in one sitting. I might add a video to this post at some point to show you how to find an audience on Facebook. It’s something I barely touched on in this post and it’s one of the most important parts of a successful campaign.

Please comment below if you have any questions.

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