Month: November 2014

What Happened With That Wine Campaign?

Sadly I never made a massive profit from the campaign. The wine Niche is still one I am trying to crush but it’s not going to be easy.

I have to say looking back on the videos, I was following a course and going by the practices recommended. However going forward I won’t be spending such a ridiculous amount of money out the gate.

How did that campaign finish?

Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 02.57.55
I made $1471 in revenue for that campaign, about $500 of that was profit so I got back some of my investment in the niche. So overall it’s not too bad.

Hopefully the next time I share a live case study the outcome will be better.

Wine T-Shirt Case Study Continued

Yesterday we looked at if I can scale up my wine t-shirt campaign. Last week I could have classed this campaign as a loser but how is it panning out now I can actually concentrate on it properly?

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 01.48.05

It looks good so far with 24 sales! So far I have reached half my goal in just over 24 hours. Looks like I’ll have no problem hitting the 50 goal this time round, maybe I should have set it to 300. Where’s the faith!

Lets take a look at the ad-spend and see how we are doing there…

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 01.52.18

Pretty steep! So far I have spent $253 and after today I will be about $300. At this point time I have sold 24 t-shirts at $13.5 profit per t-shirt, which is $324 revenue and $71 in profit so far.

Now obviously this is far from great. It’s not converting nowhere near as good as I would like and it could easily fall into the red. However that being said we are still finding out what our best converting interests are and what age range is buying the t-shirt. Once we know these things we can cut out all the non performing ads that are wasting money and turn up the ad spend for the interests that are converting.

In eight hours time there should be a video under this line of text showing me scaling my ads. I will probably look a little stressed because of the ad spend.

We did it! Scaled the campaign even though sales have been bleak over night. Let’s hope that’s not the story today with our converting ads now spending more money.


Wine T-Shirt Case Study – Scaling Up A T-Shirt That Failed

Last week I launched five t-shirts which I have talked about in my last blog post. They did not sell so well because I think I ended them too early and I think launching five BIG t-shirts at once has an ad-spend that I am not comfortable with. The point of this case study is to get over my fear of spending lot’s of money to get a big selling campaign. Also it’s to see if I nearly gave up on a campaign that could potentially make me $1000+ in a week.

I have made a video that explains the whole thing. Check it out below…

I will keep an eye on the wine campaign throughout the next week or so, following it to the very last day (only if it sells of course!). If it’s not selling then we’ll just cut our losses and move on.

This should be fun! Really hope it turns out to be a winner. Stay tuned.

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