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UPDATE NINE – £10k Challenge, Big Things Ahead With Facebook

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Coming close to the end of the month and I am not going to make the goal but I am not far off. I quick look over the numbers and I am at £9k for the month.

I have really slowed down since the last update. I realised that I was creating unnecessary stress and pressure to make this goal. There’s no hurry to get these t-shirt sales because the ones I miss this month I will get next month on the relaunch.

Anyway, big things ahead. Yesterday I signed up for a private mastermind with the King of Teespring, I am not going to talk about the coaching at all. However I want to share my growth over the coming months so I can look back on my progress.

The goal is to hit £30k profit in one month before the year is out and work less while I do it. Not forgetting turning this thing into a long term business that can fund me for years to come.



UPDATE EIGHT – £10K Challenge, Less Than One Week Left


I have less than a week to go. Six days actually. How am I doing?

I honestly thought I was defeated too early into the fight. I thought my nine day break was going to destroy this challenge. I was wrong.

I started this £10k challenge and I am going to finish it! Let’s have a look at the current revenue and profit situation.

OK so as you can see, so far it adds up to around $20,600 ($16,100 + $4515). I also have over $2,000 earnings in live campaigns. TOTAL so far is, $23,270.

That works out to £14,035 according to Google’s current conversion rate. I have spent £5,200 so far in ads and £400 in t-shirt designs.

£8435 guaranteed to hit my bank account this month. I need to squeeze out £1600 in six days! That means £266 a day in profit.

I was confident this morning. I re-launched my best selling campaign last night and I sold 8 t-shirts from just $18. However today is a joke! I made 4 sales, from no ads so far. I started my ads about three hours ago and the reach sucks.

Facebook has taken three hours to spend $12 across two campaigns. One sale. I just upped my budget to $100 a day on both those campaigns, I won’t hit £266 a day like this and if it carry’s on like it is at the moment then there’s no chance I’ll reach £10k in profit.

If you take a look at my screenshot at the top of this post you can see where the 9 day break killed me for this challenge. On the 10th of October I had so much momentum from all the campaigns I created. In 17 days I made $16,100 and 15 days on I have only made $7,170.

When the 13th of August came, I literally stopped working. I need to make up for it.

I think another reason my sales have died down a bit is because I have focused on relaunching campaigns and not uploading new ones.

That’s all for this update. I really hope my sales pick up and my new campaigns take off. At the end of the day £8,400 in a month is amazing in itself. It’s a £100,800 a year salary if I made that every month for a year. Beats the lousy £25k yearly I was getting paid to do a job I hated!

UPDATE SEVEN – £10k Challenge, Selling Teespring Outside USA

Back from Berlin and I am ready to go. I want to do my best to hit this £10k profit in one month. 11 days left to go.

Last Friday before I left for Berlin I setup two campaigns selling to countries outside the USA. Let’s take a look at the current result.

update-7-UKI sold 147 t-shirts so far between my first two tests. One t-shirt was a UK only audience so I have a lot more scaling to do with other countries.

So far I am over £7k profit for the month. I have made $19,700 in revenue and around $7000 in ad spend. My aim is to get £3k profit in the next ten days.

This is about $9,000 in revenue needed. That works out to 692 t-shirt sales needed at $13.

I have a number of previous successful campaigns that I can launch and with my results of selling outside the USA I am ready to launch my successful campaigns to other countries as well. It hopefully should be just a question of how many campaigns I can launch in the next four days.

I know not everything will always go as planned but if it does, I should hit this goal.


Freedom – How To Make Money While Travelling Around The World

In 2009 I was helpless. I did not have a clue what I wanted to do with my life, all I knew was that working for someone else was not an option.

12 months earlier I just completed a degree in digital Animation. The world was my oyster except it was really hard to get a job. If you did get a job it wasn’t working on movies, it was making tea and running to the shop buying more toilet roll or answering the phone behind reception. To make this job even more worthwhile I think the average salary of a runner was £8k-£11k a year. I’ll be honest, I did not try very hard to get a job in the Animation industry.

It may have something to do with spending the last two years of my degree divulging success books, self help books and spirituality books. I started to make conscious decisions of what I really wanted and I realised in the last year of my degree that I never wanted to work for someone else. It wasn’t an option.

I realised I would never have the freedom I wanted. I wanted to explore the world and work the hours that I wanted to work. There’s no chance of that happening when you’ve got a boss or a manager standing over you.

In September 2009 my brother in law mentioned something about a CD that got posted in his letter box about selling stuff online. He thought it might be something I was interested in. It was and the next time he came to the house he brought it with him.

It was Andrew Reynolds. I never fell for it, I don’t know if his “system” worked or not. However I was intrigued by the thought of selling information products online and I wanted to see what it was all about.

I did some research and found the warrior forum and I joined in September 2009, which is the day I remember getting into this internet marketing thing.

I never made money. For three years I scraped by and then I decided I wanted to go travelling more than anything. I put my ego aside and got a job as an SEO Executive to fund my travels. I hated it, the job I mean.

The nine or so months I worked in central London sucked the life out of me. I got really low forgetting sometimes what I was doing it all for. Getting the central line twice a day in rush hour is probably the most depressing experience. At work I used to take a step back and watch everyone pounding away on their keyboard while holding a coffee in another hand. How do they do it? The coffee must keep them going, every hour there was a coffee break.

So I quit like I planned and went travelling with Rachael for three months. I came back with some money left over and I somehow sustained myself for another two years with less than £1,000 in my bank account.

Then in mid 2013 Don Wilson hits my Facebook newsfeed. Something about Teespring. I thought it was another fad product/trend. I ignored his first launch for Facebook ads cracked for $397.

Then in early 2014 I gave in and decided to give Teespring a go. After two months I made my first sale. The name campaigns came and went. I had my first $1,000 week but soon I was stuck again.

Then Don came out with Ads Cracked 2.0. £600. $1000! It was an impulse buy, I bought it and went straight to sleep to get away from the nightmare of spending so much money. Money I might never see again.

In one week I made it back. Greatest decision I ever made.

The teachings from Don allow me to finally hit my main goal of making money while travelling. One month ago, I sold over 400 t-shirts while taking a walking tour of Barcelona and just yesterday I was eating a curry bratwurst in Berlin while selling 150 t-shirts.

So how can you make money while travelling? Get into internet marketing. If you want to learn faster and miss a few of the bumps along the way then you need to find a good mentor.

Once you have your website in place, the product in place and the right traffic source then the money will start to come in and the whole process can be automated.

I recommend jumping onto Teespring and giving it a go. I think every decade of Internet marketing has some sort of cash cow and right now it’s selling t-shirts on Facebook.

Now some people think that when or if the Teespring bubble bursts, a lot of people will be stuck for cash and they won’t know what to do. This is very true and I am scared myself however I believe that you won’t get stuck if you’re smart.

I believe that what I am learning today will fund me for years to come.

Selling T-shirts on Facebook is an education. It’s an education that will pay YOU. You will learn while earning and guess what? If the Teespring bubble bursts you can pick up another product and sell that. Once you find a winning product you can build a list from your winning audience so you don’t rely on Facebook traffic. You can venture into other traffic sources, it’s just a different platform and a different angle.

You can build your own similar winning product and sell that.

If you really want something, it doesn’t matter if it takes one month of five years to get there. Go for it.

Today I realised “oh shit, I have hit that goal..Sort of”. (I still need to go travelling for a long period while being funded online). I also realised that this is just the beginning. £10k profit is the goal this month and in six months I hope it will be £100,000 revenue in one month. It sounds crazy and a lot of people I know will probably think I have my head stuck in the clouds.

What matters is I know that it’s possible and I have friends online that do this month after month.




Will The UK Market Buy Teespring Products?

We just arrived in Berlin, we can’t check in for another couple of hours so I thought I would post up my experience with selling to the UK so far.

Since I started selling t-shirts I was always skeptical about selling to the UK. People who have seen my t-shirts agreed that people in UK would never buy a novelty t-shirt from Facebook. Not to mention the $10 shipping charge. However, after seeing a few people in the laboratory posting up positive results of selling in the UK I had to try it for myself.

I started my ads last night, I found an audience targeted to my best selling t-shirt and let the ad run.

In total I spent $34 and I made $156! People in the UK will buy Teespring products. It’s just a shame that we have arrived at another weekend. I hate weekends because sales usually drop. I guess this is another test, will the UK buy on the weekend?

I have also setup another ad targeting various countries, UK,  Germany, Spain, Australia, Canada etc. Individually the countries themselves had a small audience but grouped together I built an audience of 20,000 people. Good enough to test. So far I have made seven sales so this is working as well.

I just hope that when I break down the data I can see what countries are buying!

I worked out that in order to reach my £10k profit goal, I need to sell 900 more t-shirts ($7,000 in revenue). 14 days left and I need to somehow find 45 campaigns that will bring in 20 sales each at least.

I managed to get these two non-US ads up but I cannot put more ads until I get back home on the 20th. That leaves me with 10 days to work like crazy and hit my target.

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