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UPDATE FOUR – £10k Challenge, Week One Overview

The first seven days are over and I managed to generate $6,709! The goal was to hit $8,000 revenue each week and even though I missed it I am not disappointed. It’s the difference of finding one or two more great selling t-shirts.

$6709 is still an amazing amount to hit. At the current exchange rate according Google, I made £3967.

3967 x 4 weeks = £15,868 revenue in one month.

If I can keep generating this income AND keep my ad spend low I just might pull this off!

So what could I have done better?

  • I never stuck to the plan. I did not create 5-10 t-shirts a day.
  • I took the weekend off! I was busy on the weekend but it was a five day effort and not the seven like I intended.
  • My designer slooowed down. He’s normally pretty good, fast and reliable. However on my past four orders, although they have converted he’s been taking his merry old time to get them done.
    One design a day on average which leaves me to do my own designs if I want to stick to my goal. I need to have a chat with him.
  • I never put in 100%.

I am going to try and correct these points for the new week ahead. Getting up new campaigns is a must but I need the great graphic work from my designer.

The new week is starting with a big positive, I have a campaign that’s converting really well. It’s sold 43 in the past 24 hours and there’s so much room for me to scale it up. I just checked the conversion data and 95% of sales have come from 35-44 year old women. So now I can scale up with a super targeted audience.

Earlier today I saw someone who is very successful with Teespring advertising his mastermind. I messaged one of his students and turns out it costs close to $5k to get in. WOW. A bit rich for my blood. I had a good chat with one of his students, I told him I am making 5-10 campaigns a day and he replied with “I made around 10 t-shirts total this month” and then he proceeded to drop a $70,000+ plus figure for the month. That’s just crazy, some would say unbelievable BUT there are people doing it so…maybe just maybe.

There’s some people that sell 1,000+ t-shirts for EVERY campaign they create and one day I’m gonna get to that point too.

On to the next one.

UPDATE THREE – £10k Challenge, Let’s Talk About Outsourcing

I am falling short of the goal. I have got one day left this week and I’m not even close to $8,000. I have sold 416 t-shirts so far.

I make between $12-$14 per t-shirt so lets say I make $13 per sale. 416 x $13 = $5,408 so far this week. I hope to clear $6,000 today.

My focus and ideas seem to change like the wind. After watching Chris Blair’s webinar I am trying to focus on finding new interests for my campaigns that have already sold a bunch of t-shirts. This means I am falling short on creating new designs. So today I have made the decision to outsource EVERYTHING to do with t-shirt design to a designer I’ve found on Odesk.

The last couple of designs this guy has done for me have been selling really well. A month ago I had a t-shirt in fishing niche that bombed. I couldn’t get over 10 sales. I asked this guy to create a design with the exact same idea behind it and today it’s going to tip over 50 sales.

I think this is the best decision I could make. I have just found an extra 10 hours in my day to focus on finding new niches and exploring new interests for winning campaigns.

Another idea I have playing on my mind is hiring a virtual assistant who can manage my Facebook pages and other repetitive tasks.

I have a Facebook page for each t-shirt that sells well. However I don’t do anything with the pages other than sell t-shirts. I really should be building a community and a relationship with people on every page. It’s something that can easily be outsourced.

In the next post I think I will talk about retargeting. It’s something I have never done before. Retargeting allows you to advertise only to people who looked at your t-shirt or reached the checkout page but did not buy. Maybe they weren’t ready to buy or they got distracted. Either way they are very targeted potential buyers.

I will start my retargeting ads today. Can’t wait to share the results!

UPDATE TWO – £10k Challenge, I Hate Weekends

It’s Sunday morning and we are preparing for a BBQ at the house. It’s been nice weather in London for over a week which is rare and so we decided to plan a BBQ for today. Typically, today the sky is dark grey everywhere. Not good.

I am about to rant about people who buy on weekends. Every time I have a campaign selling well I suffer on weekends.

You would think that more people buy online on a weekend rather than during the week. They are at home relaxing and aren’t stuck behind a desk at work. However since February I quickly realised that weekends sucked. Sales significantly drop over the weekend and come Monday they go back up again.

Take my experience from this weekend as an example,  I sold 38 t-shirts on Friday for one campaign. Yesterday (Saturday) before I went to sleep that same campaign had only locked in 5 sales! Somehow though I woke up a few hours later with ten more sales.

On another campaign I sold 33 t-shirts on Friday and 20 on the Saturday. Not as bad but you can see the trend.

As a strategy I increase my ad spend every day to try and reach as many people as I can until I start to break even. I find that even at the beginning of a successful campaign I get stuck on weekends. Now I am nervous to even turn the ads on because I just expect no one to buy. I am always forced to cut back on ad spend back to avoid losing money.

I am not sure what experience other people are having with weekends but I would say to keep a close eye on your ad spend.

There has only been one time I sold a lot of t-shirts over a weekend and that was when Teespring did an experiment with a bundle package + free shipping. A lot of people had the same experience as me and we’re patiently waiting for it to come back

So I am three days into the challenge and have sold 204 t-shirts. Saturday the 26th was a setback with only 46 t-shirts sold. I think on average I need to be selling 82 t-shirts a day.

On something more positive, I watched a webinar replay by Chris Blair Yesterday. Something very important he pointed out was this:

“It’s much easier to find more people to sell to than it is to find another product that sells”.

What he means is, once you find a winning product go deep with it. He has sold the same t-shirt a staggering 15 times and he’s still going strong. Once he finds a winning t-shirt he doesn’t stop looking for more people to sell to.

So this is advice I am taking on board, today I am digging around and finding more people to sell to with one of my already winning designs. It makes sense, why break my back trying to find another winning t-shirt when I already have a product that sells.

This week I am still going to upload new designs BUT I will focus more on my previous winning campaigns and finding more people to sell to.

UPDATE ONE – £10K Challenge, $1200 Made So Far

I am coming into my third day (it’s currently 2:45 am). So far I have $1000 ready to be paid out and another $200 to be added in three days.


I have a campaign that’s stuck on 21 sales so I’m just gonna drop the goal and take it. I will probably get one or two more sales after using reengage and messaging buyers.

It’s not running a smooth as I’d have liked although I do have some positive results so far. I have not managed to get up 10 campaigns a day which is annoying. I need to start using my designer more and maybe hire a second one. The problem is coming up with ideas that I know will convert. I need to find another winning design fast.

I just checked and since starting this challenge I have setup 18 campaigns which is actually more than I thought. One new one is showing promising results. It’s been running for four hours and I’ve had five sales so far. Once the PPE ad starts getting more viral the sales should pick up.

Two of the campaigns are converting nicely. They are successful campaigns I have ran before so I expected some sales but not as good as the results I’ve been getting. In just two days I have sold 125 t-shirts between the two of these campaigns.


All in all since starting the challenge I have sold 153 t-shirts (roughly $1859 revenue) however I will probably not reach the goal on some of those sales. Not all of those sales will count.

I will try targeting new interests to try and get the losers to reach at least 10 sales. The lowest goal you can set with Teespring is 10, so as long as I hit 10 sales I’ll know I will at least get some money back on campaigns i’ve invested into.

There was a lot more I wanted to write but tiredness just hit me. I just checked and I’ve had three more sales in the time it’s taken to write this post. One was for the new campaign that’s converting.

This weekend I doubt I’ll get 10 campaigns up on Saturday and Sunday because I am busy both days! But I will do my best to at least get 10 campaigns up and running across the whole weekend.

I worked out that I make roughly $13 per sale and I want to make about $32,000. I need to sell 2,461 t-shirts. 156 t-shirts sold so far. I need to step it up.

The £10k Month Challenge Selling T-Shirts On Facebook

I’m starting fresh with this blog and what better way to kick off than with a goal of hitting 10k profit in one month with just Teespring and Facebook.

As you can see this blog is bare bones at the moment. I don’t even have the navigation setup! I never liked the old blog much, it kinda got hacked which lead to it just sitting there for six months untouched so I just ditched it all and started over.

Why am I setting a goal of £10k in a month?

  • I have never made that amount of amount of money before in one month.
  • I like money.
  • I think I can do it if I put my mind and energy into it.
  • Sometimes I get lazy and need goals to motivate me.
  • It would be a cool story and some good content for this blog.

So the aim is £10,000 profit. I need to be making at least ten new t-shirts a day, hitting 10 new niches every day and selling new t-shirts to previous buyers.

The great thing with Facebook is how big the user base is. I have heard of people rolling out the same t-shirt campaigns to the same audience 10 times over. That might not be the smartest idea but if you have a big enough audience this is possible.

All the successful campaigns I have had in the past will be run again and all new successful campaigns I find in this period will get run twice this month.

I am giving myself until the end August to do it. That’s about five weeks which is of course more than a month… We have friends staying over from Australia so I will be taking a week off mid-august and in that period no new campaigns will be created.

I guesstimate that I need to make just over $30,000 revenue to hit the 10k profit and writing that has just made me realise the enormity of this goal I have set myself. Also my mum pays for my Facebook ads on her credit card, she’s in for right shock this month.

I will make updates when I have the time and when I see significant movement happening.

Now I need to crack on because somehow I have to create $8,000 out of thin air this week….YIKES!



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