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In this article I want to go over the process of buying an expired domain so you can start building your own private blog network also known as a “PBN”. I will go through the process step by step and I will list the best tools and places I use to make the process easier.

I know it may seem confusing at first but trust me, it’s a lot easier than you think. It might seem like you have a lot of ground to cover but once you do it a couple of times the process becomes easier.  Stick around to the end of the article because I will also be sharing a way that you can monetize your own private blog once you learn how to buy your first expired domain. Ranking is not the only way, your own PBN can be quite profitable.

Let me start off by answering some FAQs

Do I have to buy domains relevant to my niche?

No. However if a relevant domain is available and it looks good after you have done your research then it’s worth it. As long as the content on the page is relevant to the money site then you’re fine. I would recommend buying generic domains like “http://youknowme.com” because I can make the subject matter of that site about almost anything.

However just from common sense I wouldn’t purchase “http://fitnessfanatic101.com” and target a gold affiliate website.

Can you post multi niches on one site?

Personally I wouldn’t and I would avoid doing this. I would also be wary of  using paid services that do this. Most private blog network services do this because it’s easier for them to make money. As soon as you get a manual review on the PBN website it’s obvious what’s going and it’s likely that your links will be worthless in the long run. Ask before hand.

Build a PBN around a niche. So fashion PBN for clothing sites or Electronic PBN for technology websites. Fitness and health PBN for fitness sites, you get the idea. We can make these websites into authority sites and have them look more natural.

Should I used unique content?

Yes! Avoid spun content at all costs. Why would you pay a lot of money to buy expired domains and then throw crappy content on it? I know you want to keep costs low but seriously!? Search for Natasha Nixon’s article service and buy 500 words of great content for $6. Or you can get worse but unique content for a cheaper price. If you’re building a PBN then my guess is you can afford unique content.

Next let’s talk about buying expired domain names!

Tools recommended in this process can begin to add up and can put a dent in your pocket. A way to cut down your costs is to seek out other people on SEO forums who are building private blog networks as well. They will be using similar tools that I recommend in this article and you can go about sharing a membership with each other on some tools. The cost will drop depending on the amount of people you cut in on the arrangement.

I use register compass to find expiring domains. It costs $37 a month or a month depending on what type of membership you go for.

Register compass is by far the best tool out there for finding expiring/expired domains mainly because of it’s search filters. Here is a video I made recently where I am going over some of the search filters inside register compass.

Finding the potential domain is just the start. Once you have set your filters and you have found some potential domains next you need to do the dirty work and make sure the domain is worth the purchase. This process is very important so do not skip any of these steps. Skipping the following steps could mean you buy a dud domain and you have wasted your time and hundreds of dollars.

What are you looking for in an expired domain?

This is the big question. I have a checklist of what a domain has to pass in order for me purchase it. I will do my best to explain what I am looking for and then I will show you the tools I use.

Check for fake PR on http://www.checkpagerank.net/

Using http://www.checkpagerank.net/, paste in the domain you want to buy and it will tell if the PR is valid or not.

Search for info:domain.com on Google

Searching “info:domain.com” in Google will tell you if the domain has 301 redirect. If a different domain shows up then forget it. Be careful because sometimes just one letter will be different in the domain name.

Make sure the website is indexed

Search “site:domain.com” in Google, if the website shows up then it is indexed.

Use The Way Back Machine

Go to http://web.archive.org/ and just check what type of website it was previously. Also if the website that shows up seems to be completely unrelated to the domain then be careful.

http://opensiteexplorer.org – I use Open Site Explorer to look at Domain Authoriy, Page Authority, MozTrust and the number of linking root domains.

Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) - As we know pagerank has not been updated for quite a while now and it’s no longer the best metric to look at when purchasing a domain because it might not be accurate.

From my research some people are relating domain authority to be similar to pagerank. So if the domain authority is between 50-59 then it’s a PR5 domain, if it’s between 20-29 in then it’s a PR2 domain. Knowing this also helps us see domains that are not as strong as the PR they are given. Sometimes a domain will show up as a PR5 but the domain authority is only 29. This could mean that at best the site is a PR3 and people think they bidding on a PR5 domain and will pay more than what it’s worth.

The higher the page authority and domain authority the better the domain. I typically look for domains that have a PA of 20 or higher and DA of 20 or higher. The higher the numbers the more it will cost. You know if you’re on the right track when you see that people are bidding on the domain already.

MozTrust - You want to look for a site that has a MozTrust above 3. Anything above this amount is great.

Root Domains - You should look for a site that has more than 30 root domains at least. If you find a good looking domain but it only has very few root domain linking to it then be careful. You want a site with lot’s of linking domains because if some sites stop linking to you then the site loses authority. It also looks less spammy, if the majority of links are coming from one source then beware.

Majestic SEO – I use this site for checking the amount of external backlinks, Citation Flow (CF), Trust Flow (TF), to check for spammy backlinks and to find out which URL is better (with or without www.)

External Backlinks – You want to make sure the domain has a good amount of external backlinks. As mentioned earlier you want the site to have a lot of backlinks so if some websites realise the domain has expired and they remove links it won’t have a big impact on the overall PR.

Trust Flow and Citation Flow - This is a metric created by Majestic SEO. The higher the numbers the better. Generally you want to find a domain that has a TF and CF of more than 20 which is very good. Obviously you don’t have to follow this rule, if I am looking for PR2-PR3 domains then I will lower this number to 15 and above.

Backlinks - I check the backlinks tab for three reasons. One is to make sure that the site has a nice varied backlink profile, if all the links come from one website or a large volume come from one site then I will avoid the domain. Secondly I like varied anchor text. If the site was previously trying to rank for “nike trainers” and all the backlinks mention “nike trainers” then this might put me off. I like to look for varied and generic anchor text. The third reason is to make sure there are no spammy links. I don’t want to see links from porn websites or pharmacy websites.

WWW. or Without WWW? - You want to make sure you set the domain up how it was previously. Some sites use the WWW. in the URL and some do not. This matters because the links point to one of these URL types. What I do is I check in Majestic SEO which URL has the better TF and CF metrics and go with that.

Buying The Domain

After you have made sure the domain checks out ok you will want to place your bid. Godaddy auctions can be the cheapest because snapnames and namejet start from $69. Godaddy domains can start from $10 but as the auction get close to ending there will be more people bidding. Set yourself a budget, for a PR2 I will go max $60. For a PR3 I would bid up to $100. I have purchased great PR4′s for less than $100. When you move up to buying PR5 and above domains the cost will jump up so expect to pay $500 or more. Again make sure that you do your homework.

What I like to do

I like to search results for domains that will expire in the next two weeks with Godaddy. I set the price to less than $30 and I look for generic domains that I can use. So if I want to build a health network then I make sure the domains I look at are generic enough that I can put health and fitness content on there.

I do not bid on them right away, I watch them on Godaddy and I get notified when the auction is coming to a close. Next I see how much the price has changed, if it’s still within my budget then I will go through my checklist and see if the domain is worth bidding on.

Something you want to watch out for is you have to renew the domain (about an extra $10) and you will want to hide your whois information (another $10). So keep this in mind when buying these domains that there is an extra cost on top of the amount you pay at auction.

Briefly on hosting domains. Avoid C Class hosting or SEO hosting. Find multiple cheap hosting providers (you can find hosting for $1.50 a month) and only host one blog from the same network on one provider. Do not host all domains on one hosting account.

Making money from a PBN

As promised :)

Other than ranking your websites and client sites there is an alternative way to build an income.

Some people charge $15 month for a link on their PBN. So if you buy 10 domains and each site has 10 outbound links on them, you have 100 slots at $15 each. These would be recurring payments which are the best. Just a thought.


I do not know everything, this is what is working for me with my blog network. If I have left anything out that you think should be included or if you have any questions then leave a comment below and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Very soon I will do my best to write a step by step report with videos included. It will cover the whole process from how to buy an expired domain to setting up the website and how I link back to a money site.


There are a lot of people restricting themselves when it comes to finding great keywords for their websites. There are also people that do not have a clue of exactly how to find a good keyword or niche to go after.

Today I am going to show you how to find a keyword in your niche that will be easy to rank for. First off we need to find a niche to target.

For me there are three reasons ways why I would be doing keyword research:

1) For an exact match domain website that contains five to ten pages

2) A keyword for an authority website

3) Finding keywords that I can rank and sell to potential local SEO clients

I am going to be using four tools in this example in the following order:

1) Keyword Snatcher: This a great tool for finding keywords, you can let it run for an hour or two and have over 50,000 potential keywords to search through.

2) Google Keyword Planner: We throw in our big list of keywords in here to get search volume ideas, competition strength and CPC. Although competition and CPC in this case would be for Adwords it’s still helpful to use this information to get a indication of the type of competition we could be facing in the search engines and if there is money to be made in the niche.

3) Market Samurai: I like to use this tool to scope out the competition of a keyword in the top ten. If it looks like the competition is low then it’s a green light.

4) Google Search: A Final check on the competition to see how many websites are targeting the keyword.


Let’s say in this example I am looking to sell an affiliate product on Clickbank. From experience I know I want to target something that I am interested in and I am passionate about because I won’t get bored of the subject. So for example I might list: dogs, fitness, poker, making money online, self improvement.

In this example I am going to choose the dog niche and I will be looking for an exact match domain. You do not ideally need an exact match domain, you can also build an authority website and target the keyword on an inner page instead.

The reason why I am doing an exact match domain in this example is because a lot of people are saying that there are no decent exact match domains available anymore. I want to show you a tool I use that will reveal thousands of keywords that Google will never show you. Many people only use Google Planner or previously the Keyword Tool and  in my opinion these Google tools leave out a lot of keywords. So this tool will force Google to show results for keywords that most people will never see.

It is a general rule that people who are searching “how to” in Google are looking to solve a problem. So I am going to target the “how to dog” market and look for a problem people are having with their dogs.

Using Google we can find a list of potential keywords to start with.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 13.05.48

 Also after a google search with a seed keyword, check the bottom of the results page for some more potential ideas.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 13.05.14

Now I have an idea of what kind of keywords I could be looking at I want to log into the Keyword Snatcher tool. I have been doing SEO for four years and I rarely buy new tools but I have to say this is a brilliant tool and a great investment. It’s only a one time cost too, no recurring payments every month which I like.

I have made a video of me showing you how the tool works, it’s really simple.

Once you have your 10,000 keywords we need to load them into the keyword planner and sort them via search volume. Make sure you’re targeting the correct country. The keyword planner shows exact match results which is what I want so I do not have to change any other settings. Here is another video of me going through the process of finding exact match domains.

I also mentioned earlier about local SEO and have made an extra video talking about using the Keyword Snatcher for targeting potential local clients.

Most SEO professionals are pitching clients to get them ranked on page one. However in this example you would have the upper hand because you would already have the site ranked on page one of Google that is getting traffic and the leads they want.


The following advice is what is currently working for me post panda 2.1. You don’t have to take my advice but this is just what I am doing with my websites and my clients websites at the moment.

No one knows for sure exactly what Google is penalising websites for. I literally started up a fresh affiliate website just as Panda 2.1 came into play (so about a month ago). I spent an hour browsing various forums on the state of SEO and it was full of people who claimed SEO is dead because they spammed their websites to death. Their websites fell out of the top 500 rankings. They all claimed to know what the update hit but none has a clear idea.

This is just my guess and what I will be avoiding moving forward. It’s common sense more than anything. Google hates spun content. Avoid using spun content on any website, even on tiered sources linking to your blog. Avoid spammy link pyramids that you can buy on Fiverr. Lastly do not build a link to your website that you do not own or you cannot control.

The majority of my links will come from my own Private Blog Network OR a service where I get the login information and I control the content linking to my websites.

When linking to your money site make sure you link from content that is relevant to the niche. 10-15%  keyword anchor text, 60% URL anchor text, 30% general and 20% mix of synonyms of the keyword.

Have a social presence, setup a Google plus account for your website, a Facebook group and twitter account. Try and build a following naturally. In a couple of years social could be the only thing we are left with unless we move over to the dark side of Google Adwords. I have nothing against Google Adwords It’s just pretty cleat that Google is pushing people more and more away from SEO and into Adwords. If it’s not Adwords then it’s Bing and Yahoo.

At the beginning I said this is working for a site that is only a month old. This is a fresh website, brand new domain. Maybe a better way to go forward would be to buy an aged expiring domain with some authority. I am too used to the exact match domain approach which still works (for now).

I have been experimenting this approach for over one year for client websites and it’s definitely the best approach. Buy expiring domains OR create a new websites and turn them into authority websites. The latter is a bit more time consuming however SEO takes time and if you have a big client then you have the budget. All these sites go into multiple blog networks. Have separate blog networks for each niche.

Post penguin all of the sites that I have taken this approach with have held their position so I know this works.

Will this approach work forever? Probably not. You never know what update Google is going to throw at us next.

Aside from trying to make our link portfolio look as natural as possible, one of the approaches next has got to be learning how to make great content that goes viral across social media and is shared among professionals in your niche.

Anyway this is what’s working for me. If you were previously someone who liked to spam your websites with crappy links and your now looking for an alternative then this is an approach I recommend you take a look at. It might not be perfect, use some of this information and put your own twist on it.

Just try it and see how it works for you.




I am always up for testing new ways to make money online as long as it’s not a big distraction from what I am currently involved in.

Selling used items on Amazon is by no means something new but it was something I had personally never thought about until a month ago.

Two weeks ago I wrote my first post about selling used items on Amazon. I had just uploaded my Amazon inventory not knowing what to expect. In truth I thought it wouldn’t work but I wanted to try it anyway.

After two weeks I had an answer. It might not be accurate as I am just two weeks in but I have some feedback.

Yesterday I opened up my macbook and waited for it to connect to the Wi-Fi. I waited for my inbox to refresh and flushed out the spam.

There it was, another sale. Not the one I was expecting though. It was another sale I made through Amazon, the third sale this week.

Someone had paid £52.80 for a 20 page children’s book. So it looks like this does work. After Amazon fees this one sale alone covers the £15 I paid a few weeks back when I bought some books from a local charity shop.

So far I have made £70. Nothing spectacular but all I did was spend an hour in two shops and bought around 20 books for £15. I also had some of my own books to put up for sale. I had 29 books in total on Amazon and now I have 24.

My small investment of £15 could bring me over £300 (if all books sold) and it only took two hours of my time. Not to mention it was my first try at book scouting.

If you spent five days a week and six hours a day scouting for books it wouldn’t be long until you build up a nice inventory of books. I have thirty books but what would it be like to have an inventory of 3,000 books? I think at least one sale a day wouldn’t be too hard to come by.

I almost didn’t try.  There are some books on Amazon that are priced stupidly high. Some books sell for £0.01, some for £15 and some for over £50.

My family and I could not get our heads round why people would spend £30+ for an old used book. We thought the only reason the price is that high is because it’s the price people have decided to sell them for and it doesn’t mean people will pay that price.

Last night when I sold a book for £52 it answered all those “Would someone really pay £50+ for an old used children’s book?” questions.

Obviously there are people out there. I don’t know who they are. They could be collectors or someone who knows the book is worth more money than it’s being sold for. Maybe people buy on nostalgia or they want their children to read the same books that their parents read to them. Who knows?

If I was retired and wanted some extra cash then I would be out there hunting down charity shops. Just a small investment can bring back a huge profit.

I tried this for fun and out of curiosity. So far it seems to be working and it’s a painless task. How hard is it to scan  a books barcode and find out it’s selling price on Amazon?

If I sell all these  books then I will definitely give this another go. It’s good to have a break from my normal routine. For now though you won’t find me in another charity shop anytime soon. Not because I don’t like them but because I would rather make money online selling my own digital products.

So as of August 2013 selling old books on Amazon still works. If you’re browsing the net to see if this works just give it a go. It’s easy.



I heard of kindle publishing and getting your own ebook out on Amazon but for some reason I had never thought about selling used media as a business.

It was at the London Lunch I met this guy called Phil who does it full time and manages quite well. I thought it was an interesting way to make money online to say the least.

This weekend I decided to get some of my old childhood books out of the loft and see if we had any gold hidden away all these years.

I downloaded the amazon app on my Iphone and scanned each one with a barcode. Out of about 70 books I found two worth putting up on Amazon.

You can find them here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0571111955 and http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0194217019

Both I have put on sale for around £40 to £50 each. I worked out what I could list them for by seeing what the other people were doing based on the condition of their books. The condition of my two books here happened to be very good and so I kept the price quite high.

Anyway I must admit there’s a buzz you get out of it. Scanning a book and waiting to see if it’s a dud or not.

I found that there are three types of book sellers on Amazon. Collectables, rare books and penny sellers. Collectables go higher if you can find the buyer and rare books go at higher price because there aren’t many about. Penny sellers are people who sell books by the penny and make a tiny profit from the postage.

Even if I sold all these books at 1p each I could make some money.

There are some people online boasting about how they make $5,000 – $8,000 a month doing this so I wanted to see what it was all about. I wanted to see if money could be made so on Sunday we went down to Homebase.

Homebase have a book section where customers can leave their unwanted books.  You can also buy books and leave money for charity or swap your own books for ones people have given away.

Equipped with my new scanning app and knowledge from a cheap WSO I thought I would give it a go. After half hour we walked away with around 10 new books and spent £3. We also traded in some of our own books too.

I found two great books at Homebase. One is currently selling on Amazon for £35 (used) and another for £20 (used).

Here they are: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/027300915X and http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0262161834

Next we went further into town to see if the local charity shop was open. It was open and there was hundreds of books. I think we were there for an hour or so and we walked away with around 15 books for £12.50.

Here are some of the books we found: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/0752218506http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00169IR4A and http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1860742858

On Monday I put them all on Amazon for sale. I have 28 items listed in total. I don’t know how to label them or how I will package them but I figure I will work that out if one is ordered.

I know this is something I likely will not try long term. I had fun giving it a go though and if these books sell to make a profit then maybe I will browse the charity shop again.

It seems to make money doing this you need to scout for 8 hours a day, five days a week all over London and you probably need an inventory of at least 1500 books. I say 1500 as a guess but you would want at least one order a day to get some money in.

I also noticed something that I missed before I went scouting on the weekend. I never checked the sales rank on Amazon. The higher sales rank an item has the less likely it will sell. As a rule people say not to buy anything with a sales rank over 500,000 because it probably won’t shift for a year or so.

Some of the books I bought have a sales rank over 3,000,000. Oops. Let’s hope they don’t take that long to shift! But again this is another reason why you would need such a big inventory if you want to go full time. You would have to be willing to wait a year to make £30 profit from a £1 investment.

I went out to another charity shop yesterday. I saw it and couldn’t help myself. I found a video tape about the final years of Marilyn Monroe. Scanned it and it sells at £10 for used.You can click here to see it.

I paid 30p for it. I checked the sales rank for the item and it was around 180,000 so slightly better than my other finds.

I have sworn it is the last buy. None have sold yet and I am starting to wonder what has happened to me the past few days. This Amazon buzz has distracted me from getting my new SEO product out sooner but it was a good break.

What old items do you have lying around that you were just thinking to throw away? It might be a good idea to run them through Amazon first and see if you can make something out of them.




Taking action changes depending on the task at hand. For me it does anyway. I don’t know about you.

What I mean is when I take action as a learner it’s easy. For instance I recently invested in the course “Auto Responder Madness” and I read it through once in two weeks. After that I went through it a second time but this time I took notes with every lesson and I implemented what Andre said to do in each lesson.

Trying to figure out my ideal target customer took me two weeks alone. I spent one month going through the course a second time. I woke up at 7 every day, went to the gym and worked on learning this course until the late hours. Learning the course was a breeze.

Now I have come to the part where I actually need to implement what I have been learning and taking action on this I find much harder.

It’s not the fact that it’s particularly difficult for me to write a soap opera sequence or a product as a WSO. When it comes to implementing something I find myself distracted on miniclip or I sleep in more and go gym twice a week instead for four times a week.

Am I letting procrastination and fear take over? Or is it an inner belief in the subconscious that I am not aware of?

It’s annoying. Even writing this post I am taking time away from writing my auto-responder series.

I am going to get through it. Slowly but surely. What keeps me going is the fact that I know that what I have to teach will help people and could potentially change their life.

This week I set fear and the negative beliefs to one side. I stayed up until five 5am getting a new product out online.

This is what happens when you take action and do your best to help people. Here’s a review I have received about my new product:

Great course Andrew! I got it because I’m constantly trying to improve my SEO, and for the price and the fact that it has a guarantee I couldn’t see a downside. I’m glad I did.

First, this course is a great tool to add to anyone’s SEO arsenal.

The PDF is well written and outlines a method of keyword research that really opened my eyes to the possibilities still out there if you’re willing to think just a little outside of the box.

The videos are the icing on the cake because Andrew gets into more detail and shows you his method first hand along with working websites he’s built using this system.

Andrew gives you some major ammunition to go out and “out SEO” your competition by finding a certain niche of keywords not many people are using! You know that because if you run them through a good Keyword tool like Market Samurai they leap off the screen at you… virgin keywords with good traffic, ripe for the picking.

This is not a course about building websites although Andrew does show how simple they can be when using this approach and still get them to Google’s Page 1 extremely fast – like the next day in some cases.

Well done Andrew! You’ve done a first rate job! I recommend it wholeheartedly.

I must admit, it does feel good that people are benefiting from what I have to offer.

What’s funny is that as I was writing that SEO course, most of the time all I thought about was the people that wouldn’t like it or people wouldn’t see the value that I was bringing to the table. Instead I the opposite is happening.

I put off releasing that SEO course for eight months because of fear and procrastination. In the end the horrible thoughts and worst scenarios I thought “could” happen never happened. I was worrying over something that never existed and put it off for no reason.

Next I am moving on to more products that can hopefully change peoples lives or at least help them make some money online.

Networking will have to play a big role. I am hoping I can convince some experience Internet Marketers to JV with me on my next product.

I think there’s a couple of lessons to take out of this post. One is to stop worrying about everything that ”could” go wrong and just take action.

I don’t know the exact quote but there’s a saying that when people stress about what might happen in the future, 99% of the time those bad thoughts never come into existence. You have stressed and wasted energy for no reason.

Don’t let fear hold you back like I did for eight months. Kick it to one side and keep moving forward.

The second lesson is to make sure that you don’t just consume everything you learn, be sure to implement it as well.

If you say you’re going to do something then do it. Follow through and show people that you’re an action taker. People will start taking you more seriously.



Today was another great one with the London Lunch group. It’s like one big master mind. Very powerful stuff.

What’s great is that almost everyone has a different way of making money online and we all help each other out no matter what level of experience we have.

The business cards came to use but I have concentrated so hard on getting this SEOC course up and running that I haven’t had time to make much of this website. So apologies if you’ve come to have a nose around. There’s not much to see here yet.

Check back in two weeks and it will look much better.

The rest of this month is important. I have set a deadline to have my first major WSO out on the warrior forum for the 6th of August. It’s going to be tough because I still have to write my best man speech and a 90 day SOS!

I have two courses I will be releasing. One is an improved version of the preemptive strike where I will add some lengthy videos and give away some potential niches to make $$$. The second is the biggie where I am going to be teaching some awesome SEOC tactics over a five day period.

I will take you from newbie to SEOC expert. This training will show you how to get ranked number one for almost any keyword providing you have the funds to take it there.

Stay tuned because in a few days I will be writing a post that will reveal the top five most important factors of getting a website ranked in Google. Not implementing these factors will be kill your chances of ranking in Google.

Speak soon,

Andrew “SEOC” Ormes.


Within a week of my order the new business cards are here. Well done MOO.com

I recently attended a London Lunch and decided to purposely forget my old business cards. Simply because I felt that they didn’t represent me anymore.

However it’s embarrassing when someone gives you their business card and you have nothing to give back. It’s not the end of the world but it is something that I needed to look at.

I decided to head over to MOO.com and order some business cards. I prefer to design my own business card that represented my brand.

Quicker than expected the new cards arrived within a week of placing an order. Here there are….

2013-05-23 16.13.46
2013-05-23 16.14.55
The back of the card is GREEEEN and does not suit the blue on the front. Next time I will be more colour coordinated. The picture on the back is one of the select photos that will represent my “online presence” from now on.

Whilst I was browsing MOO I noticed an offer for 50 free Facebook business cards. 50 free cards…Why not have them too?!


2013-05-23 16.12.53
2013-05-23 16.13.13The Facebook ones look GREAT. The quote on the back was pulled from the latest quote I added on my FB profile a few years back. Something Art Williams said that stuck in my head.

I like them both. I have previously used Vistaprint and I went with the bog standard paper. I did the same this time with MOO and honestly I have to say, MOO.com cow pats all over Vistaprint when it comes to quality.

MOO is slightly more expensive than most BUT I am willing to pay that extra price.

I don’t attend too many seminars or IM meetups at the moment so I don’t think I will need to order more anytime soon but when I do I will be using MOO.com.


For those of you who got your hands on free copy The Preemptive Strike you are one of the lucky ones, for  a limited time only the price will be $17 and then it will go up. I haven’t decided what the final price will be yet because I still have some updates to make. For those who already have a copy don’t worry, you will get all future updates of the report sent straight to your e-mail.

Earlier this week I created a new 25 minute video for The Preemptive Strike sales funnel that goes over the whole method. This is full of juicy content and I give away a couple niches that should get your head spinning with ways that you can put this system to work in your own business.

Also I just want to announce that at some point over the next month or so I plan to have my own SEO video course up and running for people who need help ranking their websites in the search engines. This will teach you everything from keyword research and picking a hot niche to optimizing your website and getting it ranked to the top of Google.

I want to thank everyone for their support so far, if you want to grab a copy of the report you can do so by  clicking this link: http://thepreemptivestrike.com

Enjoy the video!



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